About Us

At Hansen Banjo, we have over 30 years experience. We have been teaching and performing banjo and guitar. We are a Gold Tone Dealer. Gold Tone is affordable yet has high-quality banjos. Gold Tone offers fretted string instruments of every description including four-string and five-string banjos, six-string banjos (banjitars), mandolin-banjos, Weissenborn Hawaiian steel guitars, metal- and wood-bodied resonator guitars and mandolins.  Here at Hansen Banjo and Guitar we also have used instruments for sale.

What People Are Saying

"Gold Tone has mastered quality and value for all levels of acoustic players. The alternative folk style instruments have fulfilled a huge current need for those sounds, tones, designs that are blending old style music with a whole new generation of musicians.Buy Gold Tone if you want phenomenal quality and value."
-Andy Hohwald

Meet the Teacher

Meet the instructor! Lessons include banjo, guitar, mandolin, steel guitars, & ukulele.

Art Hansen

Art was attracted to folk music at the age of 10. He was intrigued by the sound of the 5-String Banjo. His father bought him his first banjo and he practiced 3 hours a day. Art was fascinated by groups such as, The Kingston Trio and Peter, Paul and Mary. He remembers hearing Earl Scruggs for the first time. He knew he had to learn how to do that! Since that time Art Hansen has played professionally and taught banjo for over 30 yrs.

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