Banjo Lessons in Sandy, UT

The banjo is a fabulous instrument which is most commonly used in country and bluegrass music. There are 4-string, 5-string, and even 6-string banjos, all of which are played like a guitar. Though it involves similar guitar playing concepts, playing the banjo has other tricks that are specifically intended for the instrument. In order to make your banjo playing more accurate and distinct, you need to learn all those techniques and technicalities. It will also help if you have music theory to back up your technique. In addition with the supervision of our professional banjo teachers, your study of the instrument will be more holistic and enjoyable. Your banjo instructor will teach you how to read banjo tabs, banjo chords, and tune your banjo, among others. Your instructor should also provide you with practical tips. For example, if you are going to purchase a banjo, you may want to consider a Gibson, Fender, or Epiphone Masterbuilt Banjo since they are great beginner brands. That is just one of the many tips you can get from our banjo lessons. So sign up now!

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